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Updated on December 10, 2021

Early in 2015, I wrote a list of my favorite YouTube channels to watch. I thought it might be worth updating/looking back at my list.

CGP Grey

CGP Grey uses slide-shows featuring a mix of clip art and “xkcd”-style stick figures to explain various topics. The topics range from why the US should stop making pennies to explaining how the European Union works. Or how the EU did work before the Syrian refugee crisis/the UK’s Brexit vote, anyway.

The creator of the videos is an American currently living in the United Kingdom.

Life Noggin

Life Noggin is similar to CGP Grey, offering short explanations of various subjects. Subjects covered include why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky, how humans evolved, and the history of marriage.

PBS Idea Channel

The Idea Channel is a PBS-run podcast that explains a range of esoteric topics. The topics include whether LOLCats and Internet memes are considered art, the series finale of “The Legend of Korra,” and analyzing the nature of expressions such as “moving the goalposts.”

Disney Shorts (Mickey Mouse)

The Disney Shorts channel carries a range of Disney-made shorts. These include some of their classic theatrical shorts, plus some episodes of “Schoolhouse Rock.” Prominently featured, however, are all the episodes the current series of Mickey Mouse shorts airing on the Disney Channel.

EveryAppleAd (Update 10/22/18: Link dead)

EveryAppleAd is just what its name describes. It has copies of every Apple ad produced, from the famed 1984 Macintosh introduction ad to the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads of the 2000s. The various iPhone and iPad ads are also included.

How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have EndedHow It Should Have Ended (HISME for short) is a hilarious series of animated videos that offer alternate, supposedly-improved endings for various blockbuster movies. The alternate endings usually go with real-life common sense or simpler solutions than the Hollywood-style logic seen in the films. The films range from the “Star Wars” trilogy to Harry Potter to recent fare such as “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Recurring characters in many of the shorts are Superman and Batman, who’re shown hanging out at a diner. The World’s Finest usually end up meeting the film in question’s star character. The heroes then ask the film’s star questions about (or openly criticize) what they did in the film.

Superman here is laid back, and sometimes mention his ability to time-travel, per the ending of the first “Superman” film. Meanwhile, Batman is obsessed with finding ways to say the line “I’m Batman!,” to everyone’s annoyance. Yes, your two favorite heroes’ own films are also mocked.

Needs More Gay

Needs More Gay is a series of videos where its host, “Rantasmo,” covers various portrayals of LGBT people in media. The subjects discussed include specific films/TV shows, such as “Brokeback Mountain,” the “Star Trek” reboot, and various Disney films. Rantasmo also discusses how various genres (horror, romance, children’s, etc.) present LGBT characters.

Rantasmo also has crossed over with a few other similar YouTube video critics, most prominently the Nostalgia Chick.

Cinema Sins / Brand Sins

Cinema Sins is a series of videos humorously covering various films. The films covered tend to be either recent ones or older ones that tie into recent films. Some of the “sins” are (as they admit) nitpicking, while others seemed to miss a few obvious criticisms. However, it’s still fairly humorous.

Brand Sins is Cinema Sins’ sister series, covering brand name products, chain stores, etc. that’ve committed “sins.” The “sins” are usually controversial business practices, product flops, etc.

DC Super Hero Girls

I’ve covered this show previously. New episodes are found on its YouTube channel.

Dtoons (Toons These Days)

Dtoons is a channel for animated YouTube videos. The most popular series on the channel is “Toons These Days,” a series of reviews of various current cartoons. Said reviews are done by two characters: Conroy Cat and Doggy Dachshund. Conroy’s an optimistic animated feline who enjoys various modern media. Doggy’s a cynical “old-time” cartoon dog who isn’t too fond of modern cartoons. Doggy’s reviews are usually humorous rants, while Conroy offers more nuanced reviews.

Conroy and Doggy were originally webcomic characters. Their strip featured Doggy trying to mentor Conroy on becoming a cartoon star.

What are your favorite YouTube channels?

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