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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (on 10/10/10)!: Ubuntu Linux 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat)

Updated on December 10, 2021

Timed for release on the alliterative date of October 10, 2010 (“10/10/10”) is the newest non-long-term-release version of Ubuntu Linux, version 10.10 (named “Maverick Meerkat”). This release will see several new features added, including:

  • F-Spot is replaced by a newer program named Shotwell. F-Spot has been much maligned by some for the code it’s based on (Mono), so I imagine the critics are thrilled by the change. While I don’t care about Mono, Shotwell does sound faster and lighter, so I’m interested in trying it out.
  • Updates for the Netbook Edition version of Ubuntu (which I’ve never used, not owning a netbook).
  • Gwibber will support the new Twitter authentication system out of the box (versus what 10.04 users have had to go through).
  • Improvements to the sound menu applet, Ubuntu One, and the Software Center, which now has a section added to allow applications to be bought.

In order to stay up to date on Ubuntu’s doings, I’ll be downloading the new Ubuntu release (to install via CD; I always do a clean install versus merely upgrading, and prefer having a copy of the CD available) and upgrading my laptop. I’ll also post here about my observations on Meerkat, as one of the multitude of bloggers doing so.

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