Microsoft to include Linux command line in Windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft released at its Build 2016 keynote some big news for developers. Microsoft will be adding the Bash shell to Windows 10. Not a hoax, dream, or a virtual machine, but a native version of the Linux command-line interface. The Bash shell is being created by Canonical (of Ubuntu fame), and will … Read more

Anthony’s Xubuntu Linux 14.04 post-installation guide

Screenshot of Xubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

(Update, 12/7/16: I have a newer version of this guide for Xubuntu Linux 16.04.) I haven’t written one of these post-installation guides in awhile, but I’ve decided to do so after moving my old HP laptop from Linux Mint to Xubuntu 14.04. Below is my guide offering tips on what to do after installing Xubuntu. (For other … Read more

Favorite tech Twitter accounts

Twitter bird sketch

As a followup to my post on my favorite comic and animation Twitter accounts, here’s a post listing my favorite tech related Twitter accounts. General The Digital Reader ( A blog that largely focuses on ebooks and digital media issues. Flickr ( The popular photo-hosting website. Creative Commons ( Engadget ( A popular tech news … Read more

Anthony’s recommended free software

MacBook Air on a table

As a companion to my previous post on recommended Chromebook apps and my Linux Mint post-installation guide, I thought I’d write a post on free software alternatives to commercial software. This list is regardless whether the programs are free as in “free and open source” (FOSS) or merely free-as-in-cost (freeware), but most of the choices will fall … Read more

Anthony’s Chromebook setup guide

Chromebook screenshot with default fox wallpaper

I’ve been a Chromebook user for about a year now. So far, the platform’s been a benefit for my casual computer usage. Additionally, Chrome OS devices have started to become popular in places such as schools. Of course, there’s no absolute need for a guide, given the easy to use nature of Chrome OS. Anyone should be … Read more

10 years with Linux, and how my usage has changed

Screenshot of Xubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS

It’s been 10 years since I started using Linux as an operating system for my home PCs. A decade ago, I’d grown interested in using Linux for various reasons, including: A free (as in cost) operating system, as well as free (as in cost) software. I didn’t have much money to spend on an office … Read more