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Updated on December 10, 2021

Picture of Scoop #1Since I’ve been at this for awhile, I thought I’d take the time to list a summary (with links) of my favorite WebOS posts:

  • Scoop: an RSS feed app.
  • Twee: A well done Twitter app.
  • Sports Calendar: as the name says, a calendar that displays on the WebOS calendar app or within itself the schedule for your favorite sports team(s).
  • TipIt: A tip calculator app.
  • The Weather Channel and Convert: The former offers basic weather conditions and forecast information, while the latter is a unit conversion calculator.
  • TuneIn (aka RadioTime): An app that allows one to “tune in” to a large number of radio stations around the world offering streaming audio feeds.

While I’ve listed my most frequently used WebOS apps by this point, I might come up with some more in the future.

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