Anthony’s top WebOS apps: TuneIn (aka RadioTime)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

TuneIn screenshot #1Continuing the reviews of my favorite WebOS apps, here’s another app that I make frequent use of, TuneIn.

TuneIn (formerly known as “RadioTime,” the name of its parent site) is a streaming audio app that specializes in streaming your favorite radio stations, or at least those that offer streaming audio. In my area, most of Milwaukee’s major stations are carried by TuneIn, but one of TuneIn’s strongest points is that I can also listen to radio from anywhere in the world. As the first screenshot shows, I can listen to Canada’s CBC Radio if I wish, along with my local NPR station (WUWM, Milwaukee Public Radio).

The app launches with a straightforward list of station categories, offering to display station listings by location, genre, etc. If you know the name or call letters of the station, you can also search directly. You may also choose to bookmark favorite stations (by selecting the star icon under a playing station); the bookmarked stations will show up in the “Preset” category.

TuneIn screenshot #2TuneIn’s downside is the same as the other streaming audio apps for the Pre/Pixi, namely that they tend to run down the battery much faster than playing audio on the phone’s default (non-streaming) music player. However, I usually use TuneIn either as a small desk radio at work (with the phone plugged into an outlet) or while commuting home from work.

For those who want to listen to their favorite radio stations on their WebOS smartphone, TuneIn works quite well. If you’re interested in the streaming music side of things and aren’t a radio fan, Palm’s App Catalog also offers a version of Pandora for WebOS.

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