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Updated on December 10, 2021

Today’s Election Day. Again, I hope everyone’s remembered to go vote.

As for watching the election returns, there’ll be plenty of places to turn to for such. Cord cutters might want or need alternatives to the traditional TV coverage. Below are some of my suggested ways of watching the results, either on your computer or on your mobile device.


Source: CBSN website

CBS offers CBSN, its 24-hour streaming news service. It’s available through their website, on mobile devices as an app, as well as its own Roku channel.


Sources: PBS NewsHour website, YouTube

PBS plans on providing coverage of the results across multiple online and social media sources. Among the places include live streaming via YouTube.


Source: NPR’s website

NPR will also offer streaming audio coverage of its coverage, for those who’d prefer a radio broadcast over a television one.


Source: CNN

Variety reports that CNN will be streaming results on its website, without requiring a pay TV authentication. CNN’s had somewhat gimmicky results reporting in the past, such as its use of holograms for election night in 2008.



Twitter plans to steam up with BuzzFeed to live stream election results.


Source: Various

Various news organizations plan on live streaming results via Facebook. Said organizations include: ABC News; CNN; the New York Times; PBS NewsHour; Univision; Vox; and the Washington Post.

How do you plan to follow the election results?


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