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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

It’s been a year since I last wrote about what podcasts I’m listening to. Thus, I thought I’d give an update on some of what I’m listening to nowadays, and what’s changed. My podcast listening’s probably increased from over a year ago; I need something to listen to while working.

As for how I’m listening to podcasts, I’ve been giving Google Music’s podcast support a try. I already use it to listen to music, so may as well add in podcasts. I’m also still using Stitcher for the few podcasts not carried by Google Music.


NPR’s Hourly News Summary

NPR offers a top-of-the-hour, five-minute-long podcast offering news updates.

Planet Money

NPR offers several times a week “Planet Money,” a program covering various financial topics. The topics are usually current, though historical topics get covered as well. One episode covered why Coca-Cola stayed a nickel a bottle for decades.

On the Media

A weekly public radio program discussing media-related news stories.

BBC World Service

The BBC’s international news service offers a half-hour news cast that’s updated twice a day.


The popular political analysis blog has a podcast version that I listened to occasionally through the election. It’s similar to a more modernized version of a Sunday morning political roundtable.


This Week in Tech (TWiT)

A long-running (and at two hours, fairly lengthy) podcast discussing the previous week’s worth of tech news.

This Week in Google

A weekly companion podcast to TWiT above, focusing on Google-related news. Like its sibling program, “This Week in Google” is also fairly long.

TWiT Bits

A podcast updated daily, TWiT Bits is a compilation of various short tech news stories from the other TWiT podcasts. This one’s only several minutes long.

All About Android

Another in the line of TWiT podcasts, this one focuses on Android and Android-using devices.

The Tech Guy

Another TWiT podcast, this one answers tech support questions by callers.

Android Central

Another Android/Android-device podcast, by the owners of the Android Central website.


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

NPR’s funny, long-running panel quiz show airs every Saturday. “Wait Wait” covers the week’s major news events. It also features celebrity panelists for one quiz segment, “Not My Job.”

Ask Me Another

Another NPR quiz show, this one centers around pop culture trivia.



This podcast comes from the owner of the ProBlogger blog. It discusses various tips for bloggers looking to improve their blogs.

WordPress Weekly

WordPress Tavern has a weekly podcast covering all things related to WordPress.


Black Girl Nerds

A podcast featuring the person behind the website and Twitter account Black Girl Nerds. The program discusses geeky interests (comics, TV shows, movies, etc.) from a Black (and particularly Black woman) perspective. There’s also interviews with various creators. One example is an episode with an interview with the voice actor for “The Boondocks“‘s Uncle Ruckus.

Deep in Bear Country

A podcast about the Berenstain Bears books, plus its animated TV spin-offs. It looks at how well the books hold up or teach their lessons. The program also makes jokes about or looks at some of the odder or dated elements. One example was an 80s book involving dinosaurs.

What podcasts are you listening to these days?

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