How to stream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions

2012 Democratic National Convention with First Lady Michelle Obama

Cord-cutters who also happen to be into politics (or just following whatever Donald Trump will say or do next) will be happy to know that a cable subscription won’t be necessary to follow the Democrats’ and Republicans’ national conventions next week. Below, I’ve listed a few ways to view streaming coverage of the conventions online.

Package shows: “The Skatebirds”

MacBook Air on a table

It’s time for another package show look. This time, it’s the short-lived 1977 series “The Skatebirds,” an hour-long show that aired on CBS for a single season of 16 episodes. Trying to imitate the success of 1969’s “The Banana Splits,” Hanna-Barbera gave the mix of live-action and animation another go, featuring as segments: “The Skatebirds,” “Woofer … Read morePackage shows: “The Skatebirds”

Super Bowl 50 and online viewing options

Levi's Stadium

Super Bowl 50 takes place on Sunday, February 7, 2016. American football’s championship game is being held at Levi’s Stadium, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. No Roman numerals this year—the NFL wants to emphasize the golden anniversary of the Big Game. That, and “Super Bowl L” probably doesn’t look as impressive. The game this … Read moreSuper Bowl 50 and online viewing options

“Star Trek” returns to TV, but only on CBS’ streaming service

USS Enterprise

For awhile, “Star Trek”‘s been a dormant property as far as TV’s concerned. Since “Enterprise” left the air 10 years ago, the movies, including the 2009 reboot, have been the main “Trek” focus. Now comes word that “Star Trek” is finally coming back to TV… but not on an over-the-air or cable network. CBS reports they … Read more“Star Trek” returns to TV, but only on CBS’ streaming service

Anthology shows: “Saturday Supercade”

MacBook Air on a table

In 1982, ABC debuted the first video game-based TV cartoon, “Pac-Man.” This was successful, and soon others got in on the video game craze. In 1983, CBS and Hanna-Barbera debuted this hour-long anthology series, “Saturday Supercade,” which ran for two seasons. Like its similar package show/anthology show brethren, “Supercade” consisted of various shorts based on different early video games. No … Read moreAnthology shows: “Saturday Supercade”