Scribd to offer all-you-can-read comics from various publishers

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Audiobook and ebook rental service Scribd has announced it’ll be adding to its offerings all-you-can-read digital comics. Over 10,000 titles will be carried from various publishers, including Marvel, Archie, Valiant, IDW, Top Shelf, Top Cow, Zenescope, Boom!, and Dynamite. All are available for the standard monthly price of $8.99.

For awhile, some have been hoping that more publishers would offer a service similar to Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s comic rental service, or to Netflix, content from multiple publishers at a low price. Today’s news from Scribd certainly sounds appealing, at least if one’s not a DC Comics fan, who aren’t available on the service.

I do wonder how often they plan to add new material, or if any of the older material will disappear the way it does from Netflix; the articles I read didn’t make it clear. As for some suggesting it’ll make Marvel Unlimited redundant, I doubt it; there’s a smaller selection on Scribd than Marvel Unlimited. Searching for Kamala Khan’s and Miles Morales’ series turned up nothing for me on Scribd, despite how long both characters (especially Miles) have been around by now. However, despite the more limited selection, it might be made up for by the range of publishers available.

Still, this is all another sign of the rapid changes digital comics are undergoing, even within the past year.

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