Rumor: Apple building a 12″ MacBook Air with only one multipurpose port

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Updated on December 10, 2021

While it’s just a rumor, since it’s going around to all the tech sites, I’ll write about it anyway. A rumor’s come up via website 9 to 5 Mac claiming that Apple’s A) coming out with a new 12″ MacBook Air sometime in 2015, and B) it’ll only have two—yes, two—ports: a headphone jack, and a USB port that’ll be multipurpose, including serving as the charger’s port.

Other supposed changes are to widen the keyboard to the edges of the laptop, and making the trackpad non-clickable, in order to make the MacBook Air even thinner.

Rumors have been ongoing for quite awhile now about a 12″ MacBook Air, but if this one’s actually true, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple’s tried changing the nature of computer peripherals/ports. The original iMac in 1998 got rid of Apple’s proprietary ADB port in favor of the then-little-used USB port. It also got rid the floppy disk drive in favor of, well, no means of backup save the Internet…which at the time wasn’t as feasible as now (see: dial-up). Apple also dropped optical drives from all of their machines altogether as of several years ago.

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