One month with the Chromebook

MacBook, coffee mug, and cactus

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

It’s been about a month since I bought my Chromebook, so I thought I’d give another update.

Not much has changed since the last update a few weeks ago, but things are going fine. I’ve ordered from Amazon an actual sleeve for the Chromebook, which should fit much better than my old laptop bag, and should be here soon.

There’s a minor scratch on the lid (thus a reason for a better-fitting sleeve), but doesn’t seem noticeable from a distance. I’m not sure if it’s from the way I removed or placed the Chromebook in my backpack, or just the inexpensive plastics it’s made from, but I’m not pleased it got scratched this fast.

I’ll admit I don’t see many other Chromebooks when taking mine to coffeeshops or the public library. Granted, most of the laptops I see around here are MacBooks, which surprises me. I’d assumed Seattle would be Windows-central, given Microsoft’s headquartered in the area (over in Redmond, a suburb east of the city).

A wireless mouse I bought a few weeks ago works fine with the Chromebook, and will be useful when bringing it along for extended trips.

Finally, here’s some more photos of the Chromebook in action. The wallpaper’s of Mr. Peabody and Sherman (from the movie earlier this year).

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