Thoughts on the Chromebook two weeks later

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It’s been a bit over two weeks since I’ve bought the Acer C720 Chromebook. So far, I’m enjoying owning the Chromebook, and have put it through its paces to see if my initial ideas about Chrome OS paid off. My thoughts on it so far:

  • Typing is OK, though it’s taken getting used to not having physical buttons on the trackpad, unlike the ones on my old HP laptop. Fortunately, one can plug in an external mouse (corded or wireless) to use the Chromebook that way, if desired.
  • Loading pages and other functionality works reasonably fast. It’s no high-end MacBook, of course, but the Intel Celeron processor’s probably a good thing on Chromebooks. Of course, they’ve recently released a newer version of my C720 with an i3 processor, though at $380, it’s almost twice what my Celeron-powered C720 cost.
  • As I’ve noted before, music works just fine with the Chromebook; I can access my music collection and playlists from Google Play Music. YouTube and Netflix also work just fine. A few of my own videos I uploaded to Google Drive also work via the built-in video player.
  • Opening my KeePass password database is fairly slow using the Chrome plugin for it (BrowsePass), but at least it works.
  • The battery life is quite impressive.
  • Once more, I greatly appreciate how lightweight the Chromebook is to carry.
  • I get 100GB of free Google Drive space for two years on top of the 15GB default Drive space, or 115GB total. Not remotely filled up (only 6% full), though I suppose I could use it to back up/load copies of some files from my desktop computer.
  • It’d be nice if I could stick a few files, etc. on the “desktop” area, but at least I can add custom wallpaper.

Some features will probably have to wait for the holidays to try, particularly using it on an extended multiday trip away from home. That includes the free dozen airplane wifi vouchers included with the Chromebook’s purchase.

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  1. You can actually save some files locally to the Chromebook and access them. But if you ever have to powerwash the Chromebook, you’ll lose them. Glad you’re liking the Chromebook so far!

    1. Yeah, there’s some local storage, but figure might be easier/keep the limited local storage space free by using Drive. Though there’s always a USB drive or SD card (which my Chromebook support).


  2. Dumb question – is there a way to install irc clients other than circ for it – something like hexchat or xchat? I’m sure there are some hacks for that somewhere. Most of the work I’m doing is cloud based and a good degree of it through google apps. I’d love something smaller and lighter to carry with me to work instead of the 16 inch behemoth i’m carrying with me now. I plan on testing out a couple things for work under linux this weekend to see how well that goes. There are a few things that work better under linux like editing pdf files, and I feel a lot more comfortable working with some graphics files, and the web design guis on the few sites where I’m not using wordpress.

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