“Multiversity” and Grant Morrison’s map of the DC multiverse

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Updated on December 10, 2021

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, we got some news detailing information about Grant Morrison’s upcoming series “Multiversity,” which promises to take a current look at the DC Comics multiverse. Besides this interview with Morrison giving more details about the series (why can’t that Capt. Marvel book be an actual ongoing?), attendees at the show also got a guidebook with a map detailing the multiverse. Fortunately for the 99.9% of people that didn’t or couldn’t attend SDCC, Entertainment Weekly‘s republished the map on their website in full size.

It looks like in Morrison fashion, he’s really included everything but the kitchen sink (and, unless I missed it, Mr. Mxyzptlk’s Fifth Dimension) in this map. It includes DC’s versions of Heaven and Hell alongside such settings as Apokolips, the Greco-Roman mythological underworld, etc.

Meanwhile, I see that despite how grimdark DC’s comics have gotten, Earth-C—home of Capt. Carrot and the Zoo Crew—is still in continuity, albeit under its new moniker (as of “Infinite Crisis”) of “Earth-26.” Since Capt. Carrot’s in this “Multiversity” series (he’s even on the cover!), I assume we’ll be getting some “New 52”-ized version of things. Though with Morrison will be in charge, I assume it won’t reach the levels of, erm, “Captain K’Rot.”

What are your thoughts on this series or the map? Any aspect of this series that’s raised your interest? For me, Captains Carrot and Marvel, as well as the return of President Obama-as-Superman (and hopefully little connection to the main DC Universe) might be the most interesting things about this.


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