Miscellaneous comics news: “Wizard” magazine closes shop, more on the death of the Comics Code

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Several miscellaneous comics items:

Today’s big news is that “Wizard” magazine, a monthly magazine covering the (mostly superhero) comics industry, is shutting down. Back in the 90s (when my modern interest in comic books began), I used to buy “Wizard” every month, budget-permitting. However, changing reading tastes, budget issues, and a dislike of “Wizard”‘s sophomoric tone made me stop buying it. I haven’t bought a copy in years… and judging from the sales figures quoted here, neither has anyone else.

I have to wonder why “Wizard” didn’t move to an online format sooner, instead of ceding their former “king of the hill” status to Newsarama and Comic Book Resources. Though I suppose that might’ve involved taking a cue from those two sites and not promoting a 90s-style speculator mentality and/or acknowledging the existence of female readers/non-superhero genres.

The other comics-related item: evidence that the Comics Code Authority hasn’t actually approved any comics (even ones submitted to it) in at least several years. Which might explain why the Comics Code got stamped on the “Joker Chainsaw Massacre”-type of comics DC’s been putting out lately. Guess the recent announcements of DC and Archie dropping them were only a mere formality, then.

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