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Last updated on March 19th, 2023

Finishing up (for now) the spate of “Total Drama Island” characters on who I’ve devoted the past several installments, this week’s featured character is Chef Hatchet, one of the two recurring adult characters on the show (besides the show’s host, Chris McLean).


Unlike the similarly-named “South Park” character, Chef either doesn’t have a real first name, or his first name’s unknown.

Chef’s role in the series is serving as Chris’ co-host/sidekick, and thus is in charge of some of the challenges the contestants face. He’s also hosted the show on a few episodes where Chris was otherwise indisposed. Chef’s personality is similar to a drill sergeant’s, and thus he’s quite tough.

Chef is also implied to be a war veteran in one episode. However, there’s no indication which Canada-involved war/conflict that would be (as one of the contestants bring up).

Of course, he also lives up to his name, cooking the (usually disgusting) cuisine for the show’s contestants, though he can cook pleasant meals as needed.

One subplot had Chef form an illegal “secret” alliance with DJ in an attempt to toughen him up (feeling DJ could use such) and split the prize money. (Obviously, this didn’t work out.) A few other plot points show Chef sometimes sharing everyone else’s dislike of Chris (and Chris’ massive ego), though like Chris, he’ll also take delight in putting the contestants through the ringer.

Voice actor

Chef is voiced by Clé Bennett, who also voices DJ.

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