Anthony’s picks for Archie for December 2012

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Archie Double Digest #236Here’s what’s of interest from Archie for December 2012. Full solicitations are available here.

Comics I’ll buy

  • Archie & Friends Double Digest #23, on sale Jan. 9, $4
  • Betty & Veronica #263, on sale Dec. 19, $3
  • Life With Archie #26, on sale Jan. 9, $4
  • New Crusaders #5, on sale Jan. 2 ,$3

Comics I might buy



Chuck Clayton’s getting some attention this month, as he appears as the lead advertised character in “Archie & Friends Double Digest,” plus a story in, of all places, “Betty & Veronica.”

Someone might want to point out to Archie that their “Archie” cover has a glaring typo. On the cover [sic]: “OK Reggie we’re, ready for the snowball fight!” Though since it’s not out yet, I imagine there’s still time for the proofreaders to fix the misplaced comma…

I notice as well Archie’s releasing more single-issue (non-digest) comics of their licensed/non-Archie-universe titles (Sonic, New Crusaders) than of Archie-proper, even counting “Life With Archie.” Of course, the digests have higher sales than the floppies…

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