“Dog Man,” “Baby-Sitters Club,” “Attack on Titan” top June 2021 NY Times graphic novel best seller list

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s a look at this month’s New York Times graphic novel and manga best sellers.

The top five best sellers

  1. “Mothering Heights,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  2. “Cat Kid Comic Club,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  3. “Grime and Punishment,” by Dav Pilkey (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  4. “Claudia and the New Girl,” by Ann N. Martin; art by Gabriela Epstein (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)
  5. “Attack on Titan 33,” by Hajime Isayama (Amazon, Bookshop, Kobo)

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“Dog Man” once again dominates the list

For yet another month, it’s Dav Pilkey’s “Dog Man” that dominates the best seller list, with “Mothering Heights” once again at #1. “Dog Man” volumes make up three of the top five graphic novels, and six of the 15 on the list overall.

“Attack on Titan” is the most popular manga entry this month (at #5). The manga series (and its anime spin-off) feature what’s left of humanity fighting man-eating giants (the aforementioned “Titans”). Mainstays “My Hero Academia” and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba” also made the list this month.

New entries

When Stars Are Scattered
“When Stars Are Scattered.” Art by Victoria Jamieson. (Dial Books)

“When Stars Are Scattered” (by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed; art by Victoria Jamieson and Iman Geddy) is a graphic novel about two Somali child refugees dealing with their time at a refugee camp in Kenya. It’s based on a true story (specifically, that of co-author Omar Mohamed).

“Truly Tyler” (by Terri Libenson) is the fifth volume in “Emmie & Friends,” a series about a group of middle schoolers. The story sees Tyler torn between pursuing a geeky interest (a comics project) and being teased about it by his sports team peers.

“The Secret to Superhuman Strength” is by Alison Bechdel, of “Dykes to Watch Out For” and “Fun Home” fame. “Secret” covers Bechdel’s interest in exercise, as well as her thoughts on multiple fitness crazes to come along over the years.

Image from “Claudia and the New Girl.” Art by Gabriela Epstein. (Scholastic)


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