“FoxTrot” has a new aluminum LCD “iFruit”

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Updated on December 10, 2021

FoxTrot aluminum "iFruit" (2011)Reading today’s “FoxTrot” comic strip, it looks like the Fox family’s upgraded their iMac (or rather, “iFruit”) yet again—from a 2007 white LCD iMac model to a current aluminum iMac model (the line just got a refresh, so probably this model).

This makes Apple (or Apple-stand-in) computer #6 for the Fox family, and as I’ve discussed before, they tend to “upgrade” their computer as the years (and the sliding-scale comic strip timeline) goes by… the previous models shown:

  • An Apple II series computer (the earliest strips from the late 80s)
  • A Mac SE or Plus (switched to in the early 90s)
  • A two-piece Mac of some sort, probably an LC, Centris, Performa, or late Mac II series model (appeared through the mid- 90s)
  • An original-model CRT “iFruit” (a parody of the multicolored early iMacs, obtained in 1999)
  • A white LCD iFruit; first appeared in 2007.

Come 2015 or so, I assume we’ll see the Fox family upgrade again, lest Jason throw a fit at using a “long-obsolete computer”… never mind most of the above examples would seem positively Stone Aged to even 2011’s Jason, let alone the 2015 version!


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