“The Looney Tunes Show” review: “Reunion”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

This week’s “Looney Tunes Show” episode features the sitcom cliche of the high school reunion as the plot (still, SPOILERS). In this case, Daffy’s reluctant to go to his reunion, and decides to make up various lies to cover for his lack of a successful adulthood. Meanwhile, Bugs (for his own reasons) is pushing Daffy to go to his reunion.

This episode was so-so. The best parts were: some of the lies Daffy told (including being Batman—a scene where he’s trying on a Batman costume reminded me a bit of Plucky as “Batduck” from “Tiny Toon Adventures”); Bugs’ excitement over going with Daffy to the reunion; Marvin the Martian and Pete Puma’s appearances; and the ending with Bugs reminiscing over his youth. (Apparently, Bugs *was* a Hollywood star in this universe, too…)

As usual, the “wackier” moments of this show were funnier than the sitcom-influenced aspects that make this series feel too “confined.” I didn’t think the “Daffy Dork” bit was that funny. Less funny, however, was seeing that Porky was a bully toward Daffy in high school, which seems way out of character for Porky, even for *this* show (or even in several of the earlier original shorts where he’s hunting Daffy, though in those, he just seemed to be filling the same role Elmer Fudd could’ve occupied).

This episode features a Merrie Melodie *and* a CGI Road Runner short. The Merrie Melody was a song entitled “Cock of the Walk,” with Foghorn Leghorn singing a country-themed song about being a tough guy who attracts all the hens. An OK song, though I kept thinking of a similar-titled song from the old cartoon “Garfield and Friends” (the US Acres/Orson’s Farm episode “Cock-a-Doodle Duel”). The Road Runner short, meanwhile, was entitled “Fee Fi Fo Dumb,” where the Coyote uses a growth spray to make himself into a giant.

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