Tech thoughts: My first week with the LG Optimus V (and Virgin Mobile)

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

LG Optimus V with a screen protector It’s been about a week since I’ve switched my cell phone service to a prepaid Virgin Mobile plan, complete with an all-new LG Optimus V smartphone. Not to mention it’s also my first week using Android as a smartphone OS (versus my Nook Color). My experience so far:

  • Setup of the phone went well, but transferring my phone number from Sprint involved calling Virgin Mobile (twice, as they couldn’t complete the process while I was using the new phone itself). Virgin’s customer service facilities, like most others nowadays, sound like they’re based overseas. Still, the phone service was switched quickly.
  • The setup of the phone itself was also smooth. The phone, as noted before, is just a rebadged (and slight-front-button-switched) version of the LG Optimus S offered by Virgin’s parent company Sprint (and the various LG Optimus One-related phone models sold on carriers around the world). The phone comes with a stock Android 2.2 install, with the usual range of Android apps available via the Android Market.
  • Android itself doesn’t feel as slick as WebOS’ cards interface, but it more than makes up for it with the wide range of apps and customizing available. Among the apps I’ve installed include some previous WebOS favorites like Evernote, Yelp, and TuneIn Radio, along with some favorites I use on my Nook, like Comixology’s app.
  • The Virgin Mobile data/phone experience has been like Sprint’s… a few 3G network slowdowns (though might be related to my office building), but otherwise fine. Phone calls, according to family, sound clear.

So far, it looks like a winning experience so far. And the best part is, I’m paying less than half of what the previous monthly phone bill was for similar service!

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