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Updated on December 10, 2021

Sleepy Time CrimeOn the heels of the first two waves of Super Pets books comes news (as reported by KC Carlson, in his nice blog post about “Tiny Titans“) that a third wave is coming in 2012. I’ve written about this series before, so I’ll look at what this third wave is bringing. (Book descriptions are quoted from the publisher’s website.)

The Amazing Mini-Mutts

KRYPTO and his pooch pals visit the Bowwow Boot Camp, a school for up-and-coming pups with powers.

Krypto, of course, is Superman’s super-powered superdog, and the super pet featured the most in this series of books. The website notes he was Superboy’s pet—inferring from the text that it was the classic “Superman when he was a boy” version from the aging references. While that appeals to this Silver Age Superboy fan, it might be confusing to youngsters used to watching “Young Justice” on TV (with its bad-Wolverine/Hulk-knockoff clone version of Superboy).

The Space Canine Patrol Agents (SCPA) appear in this story. Also appearing (from Carlson’s article) is “Brainicat,” a cat version of evil alien android Brainiac. Between Brainicat and Krypto’s usual foe (from the 2000s cartoons) Mechanikat, another cat cyborg, guess feline cyborgs are common in the Super Pets universe…

Barnyard Brainwash

If the BATCOW can’t stop MAD CATTER, a farm frenzy will quickly become udder madness!

Guess “Tiny Titans” found a breakout original character: Bat-Cow, a recurring super pet that appears in the series. Here, she’s fighting the pet of classic Batman foe the Mad Hatter, a guy who uses hypnosis/mind-control gimmicks.

Candy Store Caper

The BOY WONDER’S pet, ROBIN ROBIN, must stop the candy store caper!

Yep, another “Tiny Titans” character, the robin Robin, shows up here. The “Boy Wonder,” per Carlson’s article, is Tim Drake.

Sleepy Time Crime

When STREAKY won’t wake from his catnap, his friend SUPER-TURTLE must find out why.

Streaky the Super-Cat (another “Super Pets” book series and “Tiny Titans” regular) is joined here by Super-Turtle. Super-Turtle originally appeared in a series of half-page gag strips through various Silver Age DC Comics, and was a funny-animal turtle with Superman’s powers.

The villain here is another one from the “Krypto” TV cartoon: Ignatius, the pet iguana of Lex Luthor.

Starro and the Space Dolphins

When LOBO’S beloved SPACE DOLPHINS go missing, DAWG and BIG RED team up to track them down.

Lobo in the regular comics is a recurring Superman foe/occasional reluctant ally, an alien space biker/bounty hunter-for-hire with super-strength. Despite his nasty demeanor, in his own 90s series, it’s revealed there’s one thing he does have a soft spot for: alien space dolphins. The dolphins appear here, along with Starro the Conqueror. Starro, of course, is the alien starfish with telepathic powers who was the villain in the very first JLA comic, and later also became the first foe of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. Dawg is Lobo’s pet bulldog, while Big Red was a pet of the Golden Age Hawkman, though he also (from a Google search) appeared in the 70s “Super Friends” comic.

Super-Pets Showdown

While the LEGION OF SUPER-PETS is busy protecting the universe, their KENNEL OF JUSTICE is attacked!

This series’ Legion of Super-Pets is shown here, along with Proty, the pet of Brainiac Five in the Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes comics.

I assume the series is selling well, since there’s a third wave of books coming out. Nice that some of DC’s more obscure animal characters are getting their day in the sun. Though I wonder if a fourth wave might consider using the Zoo Crew (though they aren’t pets), or Rex the Wonder Dog (a team-up with Ace the Bat-Hound, perhaps?)…


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