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Updated on December 10, 2021

ComixologyEarlier today, digital comics vendor Comixology reported a security breach, as reported by TechCrunch (and everyone else by now). While payment and password information is secure, Comixology is requiring a reset of passwords. I’d suggest resetting your password now, if you haven’t yet done so (and to choose a unique password, of course).

There’s little other information so far on just how the password breach happened. I do note it comes a year after the infamous “700 free Marvel comics”-induced crash of Comixology’s site. Since then, there’s been no other major crashes of Comixology’s site I can recall, and they later relaunched the free Marvel comics offer with greater success.

For a funnier, snarkier take on all this, there’s The Outhousers’ article on who to “suspect”:

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