Comic review: Static Shock #6

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Static Shock #6
“Static Shock” #6 (April 2012).

Static Shock #6

Written by: Scott McDaniel
Art by: Scott McDaniel

Looks like they’re trying to wrap up most of this storyline in this issue. Good thing, since it’s being axed two months from now.

Hardware finally shows up in person, with a female hero named Technique in tow. Together with Static, they track down where Piranha and company took Sharon (or one of the Sharons). We learn who’s responsible for Sharon’s duplication (but not really why), the surprise reveal of the identity of one of the gang members, and a partial resolution of the two Sharons’ plight.

While the comic seems to have wrapped some of the plot points up (in time for the book’s cancellation), it still felt a bit confusing and rushed. Besides Sharon’s duplication as noted above, the two Statics’ outcome at the end also was a bit muddled (did one of them go “boom” toward the end? Or just faded out of existence?). Also no explanation for newer readers (or old ones like me who forgot) who Technique is. For the record (and per Wikipedia), she’s a sidekick of Hardware, with a similar battlesuit.

The cover credits here are still rather lazy, in not reflecting that John Rozum left the book early on; for the reasons behind his leaving this book, see his blog. Still wish DC had simply hired another writer for this title if sales were flagging, instead of just canceling it so quickly (though they shouldn’t have muddled with the book’s direction, etc. so much in the first place).

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