Comic review: Static Shock #5

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Updated on February 26, 2023

Static Shock #5Static Shock #5

Written by: Scott McDaniel
Art by: Scott McDaniel

Picking up from last issue, Static faces off against more hired goons, who Virgil quickly dispatches. Afterwards, the rest of the issue consists of:

  • A retelling (via a dream sequence) to Virgil’s origin. Fortunately, Static’s origin is unchanged for the “New 52,” (aside from coexisting on the same Earth as Superman and Batman, of course).
  • The various villains/crooks arguing among each other after Piranha wins out over the Slate Gang for their head honchos’ favor. Contains the issue’s most amusing line: “you want to turn over the security of this potential billion-dollar enterprise to a group of freaks that probably didn’t make it past second grade?” The Gang’s failure to figure out Static’s secret identity was also amusing.
  • Virgil’s sister (well, one of them) kidnapped by Piranha’s gang for yet-to-be-made-clear reasons.
  • Gratuitous violence involving the Pale Man, who I could still do without.
  • Guillotina’s backstory is briefly divulged.

An OK issue (Pale Man aside), though I notice, like in “Action Comics” #5 this month, they waited until now to retell Static’s origin story. While it won’t make much difference for a famous icon like Superman (whose origin almost everybody knows), I wonder if seeing Static’s origin retold in the first issue might’ve been more appropriate, especially for the “new readers” DC wants to attract.

I’m also glad to see Hardware’s not forgotten, with a sign he’ll actually appear in the living, well, armor, soon.


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