Comic review: Marvel Adventures Spider-man #10

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Last updated on February 26th, 2023

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #10Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #10

Written by: Paul Tobin
Art by: Matteo Lolli

In this issue, Spidey’s attempting to train a new “superheroine,” Lynx. “Superheroine” in quotes because she’s only in it for unrelated, self-serving reasons… none of which help her or Spidey much when old Spider-Man villain the Scorpion shows up to cause trouble.

I liked seeing the Lynx “comic strip” scenes, which are drawn in a more simplified style than the rest of the story. The confrontation between Lynx and the Scorpion (who seems bewildered at why she’s even there), where she learns her lesson about being a hero, was also entertaining. I also thought the closing line of the story was amusing.

This comic contains a one-page public service ad for New York City’s city government resources website, using Spidey, Mary Jane, and Doc Ock. (It even passes the Bechdel Test, at least for the one panel where Mary Jane’s seen talking to her female career counselor.) It’s part of a campaign between Marvel Comics and Mayor Bloomberg/the city of New York to help job-hunting New Yorkers.

There’s also a backup story, a short Iron Man/War Machine piece promoting a new upcoming Iron Man comic, “Iron Man 2.0.” Unlike the Spider-Man story, this one isn’t all-ages/kid-friendly, as a few mild swear words (“pissed,” “hell”) are used. I assume this title is set in the mainstream Marvel Universe. (A brief bit of online research shows “Iron Man 2.0” is rated T+ by Marvel, i.e. appropriate for ages 13 on up, making the choice of this title as a backup story odd.)

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