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Comic review: Archie #630

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Archie #630Archie #630

Written by: Alex Segura
Art by: Dan Parent

The fourth and final issue of Archie’s most bizarre crossover since his run-in with the Punisher sees the Riverdale gang and KISS make a final stand to stop the monsters attacking Riverdale. I don’t think it’s spoiling things to state that the “power of music” helps save the day. (SPOILERS ahead) However, it is a bit ironic that the person that helps come up with the plan to save the day is… Dilton, the most scientific-minded person in Archie Comics. Sabrina also helps save the day, of course (with obligatory snarky comments from Salem), while Kevin… well, he’s not as helpful this issue as in the previous issue.

And yes, the story ends on just as odd a note. Wondering if the gang (besides Jughead) get to keep their knowledge of Sabrina being a teenage witch, or if this will all be ignored in later issues? Given Archie’s minimal continuity, I’ll go with the latter…

The art is up to Dan Parent’s usual efforts, but the variant cover I bought (shown to the right) particularly stands out.

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