Minorities in cartoons: Ginger Lopez

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Updated on December 10, 2021

This week’s minorities in cartoons entry is Ginger Lopez. Ginger first appeared in “Betty and Veronica Spectacular” #50 (November 2001). Artist/writer Dan Parent created Ginger.

Maria Rodriguez, introduced in the 70s comics, pre-dates Ginger. However, Ms. Lopez appears more often in modern stories.


Ginger’s main shtick is serving as an editor of a teen fashion magazine. Thus many of her stories (or appearances in other characters’ stories) revolve around her interest in fashion.

Oddly, Ginger was initially introduced as a replacement for Cheryl Blossom. This resulted in Ginger initially having a similar personality to Cheryl’s, and even a brief rivalry with Betty and Veronica. For a time, Archie even edited older digest reprints featuring Cheryl to change her name/hair color to Ginger’s! Fortunately, Archie came around, and stopped writing Ginger as an ersatz Cheryl.

Ginger and Cheryl eventually met each other, and even became friends, in a 2010 storyline. The story, “Battle of the BFFs,” centered around various teenage girl “best friends forever” competing on a game show. Subsequently, Riverdale’s teenage girls signed up for the game show. Ginger decided to sign up with the best friend-less Cheryl.

Unlike Maria (or Nancy Woods), Ginger has no steady boyfriend. Ginger’s usually shown on various one-off dates, including with Archie.

Ginger also appears in the mature readers-only series “Afterlife With Archie.” There, she’s secretly in a relationship with Nancy.

Other media

Ginger’s a character (and a friend of Cheryl) on the 2017 CW series “Riverdale.” Actress Caitlin Mitchell-Markovitz plays Ginger.

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