Cartoons at the box office: “Frozen” gets promoted over “The Nut Job”

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

FrozenIn an interesting turn of events, “Frozen” rose a few notches to secure the #2 spot for the box office this Super Bowl weekend. Despite being a slow weekend for movies, “Frozen” was helped by a special “sing-along” edition released to some theaters. “Frozen” took in $9.3 million for a total of $360 million to date (over twice what it cost to produce). At the current rate, Forbes projects it to overtake “Despicable Me 2″‘s domestic gross by the end of this week, though internationally, “Frozen” still has a ways to go.

Meanwhile, “The Nut Job” dropped to fourth place, earning $7.6 million for a total to date of $50.2 million. It’s likely to drop off after this point, with the release next weekend of “The Lego Movie.”

Speaking of which, yes, next weekend sees the much advertised “The Lego Movie” open, presumably giving “Frozen” a true major challenger.

Not animation related, but the top film of the weekend is (for the third weekend in a row) the Ice Cube/Kevin Hart film “Ride Along.” It’s earned $93 million to date, and should cross $100 million soon. There’ll certainly be a sequel for this film, too. And of course, it’s worth noting (for any Hollywood naysayers) that the top two films at the box office star minority/female characters.

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