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Cartoons at the box office: The Rock shake, rattle, and rolls to first place

The Rock protects his modern tech age family from the town of San Francisco, as “San Andreas” took a well grounded first place this weekend at the box office. The film opened with $53.2 million, which matches nicely with its $60 million earned overseas so far, for a global total of $113.2 million. Yes, Dwayne Johnson is still a rock-solid draw.

Elsewhere, “Pitch Perfect 2” stays in second place, with earnings of $14.4 million (-53.3% from last weekend). The musical comedy’s earned $147.5 million domestic and $80.7 million overseas, or a global total of $228.2 million. Expect “Pitch Perfect 3: Another Bad B-Word-Related Pun” in the future?

Dropping to third place from last weekend is “Tomorrowland,” which made $13.8 million (-58.2%). Its totals stand at $63.2 million domestic and $70 million overseas, or a global total of $133.2 million. Given its whopping $190 million budget, there’s been a lot of grumbling about it underperforming, along with the mixed reviews.

In fourth place is “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which has become one of the more positively received films in May. The sequel made $13.6 million (-44.7%) this weekend; its totals now stand at $115.9 million domestic, $165 million overseas, and $280.9 million globally.

In fifth place is “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which earned $10.9 million (-49.7%). Its totals now stand at $427.1 million domestic, $894.2 million overseas, and $1.321 billion globally. It still managed to beat out the lackluster sixth place opening for “Aloha”; maybe a lack of diversity in a film set in Hawaii wasn’t such a good idea? The film’s made by Sony, a studio which has had a lot of recent issues with diversity/racial sensitivity.

In tenth place again is DreamWorks’ “Home,” which made another $1.2 million (-34.4%). The film’s earned $170.4 million domestic and $193 million overseas, for a global total of $363.4 million to date. “Home” has been pretty steady at the box office, even in the face of tough competition, and has been a badly needed success for DreamWorks. Again, people will go see films starring a non-White lead, despite Hollywood’s issues with race.

Outside the top 10 films, “Furious 7” has now earned $1.506 billion globally to date, and is closing in on the original “Avengers” for the slot of third highest-grossing film of all time (not adjusted for inflation). The top two films’ $2 billion+ grosses (“Avatar” and “Titanic” respectively) will likely be safe.

Opening next weekend are three films, “Entourage” (based on the cable TV series), horror film “Insidious Chapter 3,” and R-rated comedy “Spy.”

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