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Caitlyn Jenner sets Twitter record

Caitlyn Jenner has joined Twitter, coinciding with her appearing on the latest issue of “Vanity Fair.” Jenner is a transgender woman whose main claims to fame are being a 70s Olympic athlete and appearing on reality shows with the Kardashians (apparently an in-law/was married to one of them). Not being a reality show fan or even having ever seen the Kardashians’ show, I’ve not been heavily familiar with her until recently.

So why am I writing about Ms. Jenner at all? Because she’s broken the world record for the fastest-ever number of Twitter followers to reach a million. It took four hours for Jenner to reach a million followers. The previous record holder: President Obama, who reached that number in about five hours when the White House joined Twitter last month.

Jenner’s first tweet was the “Vanity Fair” cover she’s appearing on:

Congratulations by many online are being given to Jenner, including by the former record holder himself:

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