President Obama now has an official Twitter account

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The White House announced today that it now has an official Twitter account for the President of the United States, @POTUS. Said account will belong to whoever occupies the role of commander-in-chief.

President Obama has had a Twitter account already, but an unofficial one tied to related parties. Obama fired off the first tweet earlier today:

Former president Bill Clinton posted off his own tweet in response:

For the politically unaware (and/or non-Americans), the US holds presidential elections next year, and Hillary Clinton’s the most favored Democrat candidate so far… which’d make Bill Clinton the very first “First Gentleman,” I suppose. On the Republican side, there’s no clear front-runner, though Jeb Bush, former president George W. Bush’s brother, has expressed interest in running.

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    1. I get a “must sign in” page for that. As for you-know-who’s usage of @POTUS, I’d imagine he considers his personal Twitter account his “real” one and main “brand” (it has his name on it after all), so @POTUS isn’t as important. (Though I’ve blocked it until he’s out of office.)

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