Cartoonists of Color Database, Queer Cartoonists Database highlight minority creators

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Updated on December 10, 2021

A cartoonist named MariNaomi has launched a pair of websites, Cartoonists of Color Database and Queer Cartoonists Database.

Both sites serve as a one-stop listing of minority and LGBT cartoonists. Although the two sites are technically separate, both offer search filtering capabilities; one can thus look for LGBT people of color on either site.

The Cartoonists of Color Database FAQ lists the purpose of its site:

We created this database so that cartoonists of color can find each other. It’s also great for finding comics to read and teach, and finding cartoonists to follow/befriend, promote, hire, and learn from.

The Queer Cartoonists Database gives a similar purpose in its FAQ.

Besides a lot of detailed data to output (genres, birthdates, etc.), the databases will also link to the creator’s website (if they have one) or to other sources, such as Wikipedia.

For both sites, new or updated information’s only accepted via a submitted Google Docs form, versus the use of a wiki. In particular, the Queer Cartoonists Database will only accept information from the creators themselves, while the Cartoonists of Color Database will accept information from non-creators. In an interview with Vice about the sites, MariNaomi says the difference is intentional, as she doesn’t want to out anyone without permission.

Search examples

Below are a few examples of searches on each site.

Queer Cartoonists Database example

On the Queer Cartoonists Database, I did a search for Greg Fox, the creator of the comic strip “Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast.”

Cartoonists of Color Database example

On the Cartoonists of Color Database, I did a search for Ray Billingsley, the creator of the newspaper strip “Curtis.”

Similar sites

There’s not many similar sites I can think of beyond a Google search or Wikipedia. One site might be the Museum of Uncut Funk.

A lot of sites list LGBT/people of color characters; however, there’s less emphasis on such creators. Still, if you know of any such sites, please feel free to list them in the comments.

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