Cartoon Network announces its 2013-14 season lineup

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Last updated on March 21st, 2023

Cartoon Network logoUpdate (9/22/13): I have a newer post outlining my thoughts on this season’s shows to date.

Earlier today, Cartoon Network announced its revised lineup of shows for the 2013-2014 season. The full press release is available here.

As for my thoughts on what’s available, let’s go with what’s new first:

  • Incredible Crew: a live-action show, replacing the now-apparently-cancelled (but unmissed) “Level Up.” A definite “pass,” plus I’ll reiterate my argument against live-action shows unrelated to animation being on Cartoon Network. No matter what CN’s execs may think, nobody will mistake Cartoon Network for the live-action-obsessed Disney Channel or Nickelodeon…
  • Steven Universe: Cartoon Network’s first show made by a solo female creator, this show is about some kid who’s a member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe (no relation to Green Lantern’s Guardians, I’d assume). Might tune into this one…
  • Uncle Grandpa: Not sure what to make of this one, from the description. However, it sounds like a show about an actual adult character who isn’t a superhero, a rarity in TV animation outside of Fox/Adult Swim nowadays, and despite the massive success of Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob,” which features a largely adult cast.
  • Clarence: Also not sure what to make of this one…though for some reason I keep thinking of “The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack”…
  • Teen Titans Go!: A new “Teen Titans” series based on the 2000s one, but with a comedic focus. Not to be confused by the comic of the same name (that was based on the old TV show). I’ll tune in for this one, since I liked the old show.
  • Beware the Batman: Yet Another Batman Show, this one features the Dark Knight’s adventures in CG. Here, Bats fights alongside heroine Katana and deals with various villains from the comics who I’d never expected to show up to TV (Anarky?! Magpie?!). I’ll tune into this one as well, though it’ll be nothing like “Brave and the Bold” (which I still miss), plus I’ll state again my wish for a new Superman animated series rather than Yet Another Batman Show.
  • Legends of Chima: Another LEGO-based adventure series. Not of interest to myself, but nice that Cartoon Network is having good luck with “Ninjago” and the like.
  • Grojband: A Canadian import, this one focuses on a 12-year-old front man—er, boy—for a garage rock band. From the producers of “Total Drama Island” and “6Teen.” I’ll be tuning in for this one.
  • The Tom and Jerry Show: A new series featuring the cat and mouse duo. While I wonder why another one so soon after “Tom and Jerry Tales,” I’ll just hope it’s more faithful to the characters than “The Looney Tunes Show,” which of course is setting a (very) low bar.
  • Total Drama All Stars: The newest “Total Drama” series, this one’s an “All-Star” edition just like “The Amazing Race,” which presumably means a mix of characters from previous seasons. Wonder how Chris got out of his situation at the end of the last season. I’ll be watching, just like I’ll be tuning into “Amazing Race”‘s newest season.

Coming back to Cartoon Network are the usual staples, including “Johnny Test,” “Pokemon,” and “The Looney Tunes Show.” Apparently nothing short of a meteor strike will kill off “Pokemon” (unfortunately), while “Johnny Test” should be finally toward the end of its run, since there’s nearly 100 episodes produced. While I’ve given up watching the show, at least “The Looney Tunes Show” has put Bugs and Daffy in front of a new generation of viewers.

Also of interest is a new “Powerpuff Girls” special, featuring Ringo Starr in a guest appearance. Hopefully this one will be entertaining, and live up to the classic series.

Among the shows being canceled are “Young Justice” and “Green Lantern: The Animated Series.” I’d wonder if “GL” would’ve done better if it had featured John Stewart alongside Hal in the series; instead, we got Guy Gardner, though at least he didn’t have his usual “Three Stooges” haircut. Meanwhile, I didn’t care for “Young Justice” at all, especially its takes on Superboy (“surly Wolverine/Hulk-wannabe” personality and all) and Superman (more “deadbeat Dad” stuff? I didn’t like it any better in “Superman Returns”…), so not sorry to see it go.

Overall, the new shows I noted above will give me something to look forward to on Cartoon Network, which I’ve largely not watched lately. Hopefully the new shows will be entertaining.

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