Blog status update (September 2022): Giving two semi-separate blogs another try

Updated on May 30, 2023

Time again for a blog status update post.

Two semi-separate blogs (again)

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For years, one of my concerns about running this blog has been that I have two topics I write about, media and technology. While I’ve tried reconciling and balancing the two, it’s always felt a bit uneasy… the fact is, not everyone likes or cares about cartoons (or Linux). It also makes it harder to promote the blog—”media and technology” might seem too broad or scattershot. Also, someone looking for advice on blocking Twitter trolls might not want to see stuff about Black electric-powered superheroes. (Or vice-versa.)

For a long time, I’ve had the site’s posts all filed under two categories, “Tech” and “Media.” However, I thought I’d go further and more fully separate the two. Starting this week, you’ll see the two categories renamed and promoted as semi-separate blogs:

  • Diverse Tech Geek, for the tech posts
  • Diverse Media Notes, for the media posts

The overall site will still be called “Diverse Tech Geek.” Separate RSS feeds are set up for each section. However, the newsletter (and my Ko-fi and Patreon pages) will continue to carry both media and tech posts, as there’s no real way for me to separate the two there.

Previous similar attempts

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You might recall I tried this last year. However, I was running Ghost at the time, and while it had its positive aspects, Ghost makes modifying anything difficult. Meanwhile, the category features of WordPress/ClassicPress makes setting up two “blogs” in this fashion fairly easy, including (via plugins) setting up specific sidebars for each one.

Looking back on a few similar previous attempts:

  • In 2013, I briefly tried the same thing, but it was short-lived. Also, the name “Tech For Granted” has long since been taken by other blogs. All the good blog names feel like they’ve been taken…
  • In the very earliest days of this site, I had a secondary blog hosted on a separate web host. However, it proved too much work, plus this site was more successful, so I ended up merging the two.

This time, however, I think things are set up to work better than the instances above.

I also took a few examples from other sites:


Hopefully, this works out well, and satisfies everyone: those who just want technology stuff, and those who just want comics and animation posts. I also won’t have to spin off the media posts into a separate site, and deal with all the work that entails (broken links, paying for a second domain name/web host, etc.).

If you have any questions or thoughts, please list them in the comments section below. Again, thank you for supporting my site!

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