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Last updated on June 14th, 2022

As those of you who’ve visited my site over the weekend might’ve noticed, I’ve been reshuffling a few things. The purpose? To split my one blog into two. Somewhat.

For awhile, I’ve tried to separate my tech-related blog posts from the others via offering RSS feeds and a “category” section. However, it doesn’t change that one can follow my main blog (or its RSS feed) and still end up seeing posts about cartoons mixed with Android/Linux remarks. So, I’ve set about trying to make the difference between the two clearer, by making the posts under the “Technology” category their own “blog” on my site. Why all the qualifiers? Instead of putting it under a subdomain or a completely separate site, I’m leaving the posts where they currently are, but merely renaming the category they’re under, plus (via a few plugins) making that section more of its own identity. While it’s still technically a “category” of Anthony’s Notes (and thus, tech posts from there will still appear under the main Anthony’s Notes page), one following just that URL will see only the technology related posts.

Per such, I’ve even given this new “blog” a new name, “Tech For Granted.” (Every other tech-related blog title is taken…). Although I’ve done my best, since they’re not physically separate, links to Anthony’s Notes’ cartoon-related posts might still appear in a few spots under Tech For Granted.

An advantage of splitting the posts this way for me is less work versus what two physically separate blogs would require. I’ve tried that in the past, but it didn’t work out very well. That said, there’s still the possibility in the future of just moving the tech blog to its own subdomain, subdirectory or separate URL.

Let me know what you make of this bit of rearranging!

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