AOL is shutting down TUAW, Joystiq

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Updated on December 10, 2021

One-time dial-up giant AOL, nowadays the owner of several popular websites, has announced it’s shutting down or consolidating various sites as part of a reorganization effort. As such, AOL has announced it’ll be shutting down video game website Joystiq and the Apple/Mac news site TUAW (formerly The Unofficial Apple Weblog). Both sites were created in 2004.

There’s other websites out there for Mac news, such as (extremely) longtime site MacInTouch, the now-online-only Macworld, and still-in-print Mac|Life magazine. TUAW’s corporate cousin sites Engadget and TechCrunch also heavily write about Mac/Apple news and product reviews. And, of course, Apple also gets plenty of mainstream attention, since it’s now one of the biggest and wealthiest companies in the world.

Still, I’m sorry to see TUAW (and its staffers) go. I did like their weekly “Caturday” feature, which was cats shown with a Mac product (usually a Macbook or Mac Mini) every Saturday.

I wonder if shutting down, merging, or spinning off TechCrunch and/or Engadget was ever considered by AOL. While both have separate purposes (TechCrunch on the tech industry, Engadget on products), both also have a lot of similar/overlapping articles these days (product reviews, etc.).


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