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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

TipIt screenshotContinuing the series of favorite WebOS apps, another favorite that I’ve made use of is TipIt, a tip calculator.

TipIt, as its name suggests, calculates tip amounts based on the amount entered into the “subtotal” field, as well as the sales tax rate or dollar amount entered into the “tax” field. You may also set:

  • The tipping percentage. The traditional amount of 15% is the default.
  • How many people to split the final total between. The total amount line will show the total owed per person.
  • The three buttons at the bottom, “exact,” “round up,” and “round down,” allow you to select whether to keep the default exact calculation, or to round the total amount owed up or down to the nearest whole dollar amount. A notification area line of text pops up to notify you of the new tip amount’s percentage of the total bill.

According to its App Catalog description, TipIt will localize itself to whatever your local currency is (though there’s no settings to manually change such yourself), so I assume it’ll display British pounds in the UK, euros in Europe, etc.

While it’s a very simple app, TipIt was useful for me on my vacation this summer, making it easier to calculate my restaurant meals’ tips owed. Although the WebOS calculator might be just as useful for calculating a tip for a single person’s meal, TipIt has the advantage in calculating tips for larger parties, or simultaneously seeing how much is going toward sales tax and tips.

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