Anthony’s picks for DC Comics for August 2011

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Time again to see what’s coming out for DC Comics, for August 2011:

Comics I’ll be buying


Comics I might buy

  • DC Retro-Active: Justice League of America – The 80s #1, on sale Aug. 10, $5
  • DC Retro-Active: Justice League of America – The 90s #1, on sale Aug. 24, $5
  • DC Retro-Active: Superman – The 80s #1, on sale Aug. 10, $5
  • DC Retro-Active: Wonder Woman – The 80s #1, on sale Aug. 3, $5


“Flashpoint” is being sold by the metric ton this month.

The “Retro-Active” line of books continues here, with the 80s and 90s titles appearing. While the JLA titles look interesting, I usually associate the JLI-era with the 80s/very early 90s; a 90s JLA book probably should’ve been the Grant Morrison-era League. Meanwhile, the Superman 80s title apparently ties into “Crisis on Infinite Earths” somehow; no idea if this means the Superman here will be the one who worked for WGBS as Clark Kent (pre-Crisis) or the one who needed a breathing apparatus to go into space (Byrne’s version). The 80s Wonder Woman story definitely sounds pre-Crisis, however.

As for the Johnny DC line, I notice several titles are missing: “Tiny Titans” *and* “Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Are both of these just skipping a month? Or are they both canceled (I hope not!)?

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