Anthony’s picks for Archie Comics for December 2010

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s what’s coming up (and what I’m interested in) for Archie Comics for December 2010. Given I usually buy Archie at bookstores (since my comic shop doesn’t carry Archie titles), I list two dates for Archie titles: the first for when it’s on sale at comic shops, the second for when it’s at newsstands.Archie #616 cover

What I’ll be buying

Archie #616, on sale Dec. 22/Jan. 4, $3
Archie & Friends #150, on sale Dec. 8/Dec. 21, $3
Archie & Friends Double Digest #1, on sale Dec. 8/Dec. 21, $4
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #187, on sale Jan. 5/Jan. 18, $4
Life With Archie #6, on sale Dec. 29/Jan. 11, $4

What I’ll consider buying

B&V Friends Double Digest #210, on sale Dec. 22/Jan. 4, $4
Veronica #204, on sale Dec. 29/Jan. 11, $3
World of Archie Double Digest #3, on sale Dec. 29/Jan. 11, $4


I’m noticing a move toward more extended storylines on Archie’s part, some of them sounding rather lengthy (such as the first issue of “Archie & Friends Double Digest” being part one of a five-part story). I suppose it might be part of updating its appeal for today’s comics readers, who’re used to 47-part superhero crossovers, but self-contained stories were always one of Archie’s trademarks. Still, I hope it’ll inspire Archie to produce trade paperbacks collecting more of their storylines. I’d like to see some collecting the recent manga Sabrina title.

Archie #616 presents Yet Another Obama Comic Cover/Storyline, but combines it with a Sarah Palin appearance in the same story. I suppose it’s a way of accommodating both major American political parties, though not sure how thrilled Obama fans will be to buy something also featuring Palin (let alone treating her as an equal to Obama stature-wise, though Palin was probably chosen since she’s the most high-profile figure of American conservative politics these days). I’ll assume the reverse is also true for Palin fans (assuming they’re not boycotting Archie over introducing Kevin Keller awhile ago).

“Archie & Friends Double Digest” debuts this month, taking over from the old “Pals ‘n’ Gals” digest title with a new #1. Rather ambitious (and DC- or Marvel-like) that they’re starting it off with a five-part storyline. I’m assuming this title is like the floppy comic title, centering around the friends of Archie (the immediate gang, Dilton, Chuck, etc.).

Speaking of Chuck, he’s featured in several digests (on the “might buy” list), including the “Archie & Friends” comic’s sequel to the storyline a year or so ago about various old MLJ/Archie characters coming to life. Chuck also is featured in “World of Archie.” As for “World of Archie,” from the blurb on the cover about the backup being “Mad House Tales,” I wonder if that might mean it’s also being used to feature the more ancillary characters?

“Veronica” wraps up the “new kids crowding Riverdale High” storyline.

“Betty & Veronica Double Digest” features Sabrina, the main reason it’s on my list. Meanwhile its “B&V Friends” counterpart continues a storyline about Cheryl Blossom, as well as offering a story about Nancy (Chuck’s girlfriend).


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