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Anthony’s miscellaneous comics picks for November 2013

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Updated on June 14, 2022

Mr. Peabody & Sherman #1Here’s what’s of interest from various comic companies for November.


Full solicitations are available here.

  • The Powerpuff Girls #3, $4
  • Mr. Peabody & Sherman #1 (of 4), $4

Comic strip compilations

  • Doonesbury: Squared Away, on sale Nov. 5, $25
  • Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952-1955, on sale Nov. 10, $50


Coming out this month is a comic based on the upcoming Dreamworks “Peabody and Sherman” movie. Since the film doesn’t debut until March 2014, it makes me wonder if this comic will be a big spoiler for the film, similar to most tie-in materials to animated films, or just based on the traditional cartoon—the two visiting historical events and fixing stuff that goes wrong.

“Doonesbury: Squared Away” collects the strips about the marriage of Alex. The strip’s taken the entire summer off for reruns, having ended on a cliffhanger regarding Alex giving birth to twins at her own commencement.

“Peanuts Every Sunday” collects the Sunday “Peanuts” strips in color. An odd choice for the book’s cover is a strip with Sally, despite that she didn’t debut until 1959.


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