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Anthony’s favorite WebOS apps: The Weather Channel and Convert

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Updated on December 10, 2021

Weather Channel app #1Making another entry in the favorite WebOS apps series are two apps I use for the weather, The Weather Channel and Convert.

The Weather Channel’s app, created by the cable channel of the same name and available for free, offers a toolbar at the bottom that displays three buttons, each offering separate features/menus. The first button offers a menu to display several temperature/forecast features, including:

  • Current: Displays the current temperature and weather conditions.
  • Hourly: Displays an hour-by-hour forecast of the temperature, chance of precipitation, and general conditions.
  • 36 Hour: A forecast for the next 36 hours’ worth of weather, divided into three of the following four categories: “today,” “tonight,” “tomorrow,” and “tomorrow night.”
  • 10 Day: A day-by-day forecast for the next 10 days, displaying the same weather categories as the Hourly forecast.

The second button displays a weather map, which features a limited selection of features (display radar and/or clouds, animate the map, zoom in/out).

The third button features a menu displaying more severe weather information, including:

  • Severe Weather: During periods of bad weather, weather warnings from the National Weather Service will display here. Additionally, the button’s icon will change to red to alert about severe weather warnings.
  • Storm Watch
  • Tropical: Hurricane warnings for the Caribbean/Atlantic region.

A limitation of the Weather Channel app is that the temperatures are all given in Fahrenheit only. Given my international readership online (whom reside in countries that use Celsius), I use a second app to convert temperatures, Convert. While a range of unit conversions are available, Convert features a Fahrenheit to Celsius function, which is what I use the most often. This app makes it easier to communicate for my non-US Twitter readers in London, Calgary, Halifax, etc., what the weather is like here in Milwaukee.

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