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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Like everyone else, I’ve switched my desktop wallpaper away from the default ones included with my computers. That said, the included default ones that came with my Chromebook do look nice. My computer wallpapers tend to be something cartoon related, city skylines, or nature scenery.

Below is a list of my favorite websites for desktop wallpaper. While some of them might also offer mobile device wallpaper, the desktop variety is my main focus here.


WallpapersWide offers a large range of categories to choose from, including a large amount of superhero comic and animation related wallpaper. The site also offers a wide range of resolutions for whatever one’s desktop (or mobile device) uses. However, there’s a watermark (with the site’s name) included in the lower right-hand corner of most of the wallpapers.


InterfaceLIFT offers a large number of wallpapers to choose from, largely scenes of nature or city skylines from around the world. Like WallpapersWide, one can choose from a wide range of resolutions for one’s desktop/mobile devices.


Flickr’s vast amount of photos means there’s plenty to choose from as background material. This includes photos labeled as Creative Commons photos under that section of the site.

NASA on the Commons

NASA has a large number of photos available through its Flickr page, including ones that make for excellent backgrounds. The famous moon missions and various space shuttle launches are among the images available.


Microsoft offers downloadable wallpapers, beyond the ones included by default on Windows computers. Nature, city skylines, various objects, and animals are among the wallpapers included.

(Updated 10/5/16)

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