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Updated on December 10, 2021

Here’s a look at what’s coming out from DC Comics in May 2016. A full list of solicitations is available here.


  • Scooby Apocalypse #1, on sale May 25, $4
  • Future Quest #1, on sale May 18, $4
  • Legends of Tomorrow #3, on sale May 11, $8
  • Superman: Lois & Clark #8, on sale May 18, $4
  • Superman: The Coming of the Superman #4 (of 6), on sale May 4, $4
  • Batman ’66 Meets the Man From UNCLE #6 (of 6), on sale May 25, $3 (digital first)
  • DC Comics: Bombshells #12, on sale May 11, $4 (digital first)
  • DC Comics: Bombshells #13, on sale May 25, $4 (digital first)
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #16, on sale May 4, $3
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman #5 (of 9), on sale May 4, $4 (digital first)
  • The Legend of Wonder Woman #6 (of 9), on sale May 18, $4 (digital first)
  • Astro City #35, on sale May 18, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • The Flash: The Silver Age, vol. 1, on sale June 15, $25
  • Tales of the Batman: Alan Brennert (HC), on sale July 13, $30
  • DC: The New Frontier, on sale June 22, $35
  • Prez: The First Teenage President, on sale June 1, $25
  • Wonder Woman ’77, vol. 1, on sale June 15, $17
  • Legends 30th Anniversary Edition, on sale June 1, $17
  • Sandman Mystery Theatre, Book One, on sale June 15, $30


With DC’s plans for “Rebirth” coming up—their latest reboot/revamp/something (vaguely defined as of this writing so far; DC claims it’s not a reboot)—it’s even harder to recommend anything from the main DCU line of books. If it’s just going to be revamped with new #1’s anyway, why bother? Granted, I’ve mostly recommended non-DCU (or non-DCU-set-as-much-as-possible) books lately anyway. I’m not sure what the post-“Rebirth” fate of “Legends of Tomorrow” will be. “Superman: Lois and Clark” also has a vague-sounding fate. Bleeding Cool claims it’ll end after issue #8, though there’s no “Final Issue” tag on the solicitation.

Headlining the solicitations this month are the first issues of DC’s reboot of various Hanna-Barbera cartoons, kicking off with “Scooby Apocalypse” (the Scooby gang in a post-apocalyptic state) and “Future Quest” (the various Hanna-Barbera action heroes). Interesting updated looks to Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles.

The final “Batman ’66” comic (a team-up with “The Man From UNCLE”) finally is out this month. I’ll miss seeing the Adam West Batman in comics, though I suppose there’s room for future miniseries.

There’s two issues each of “Legend of Wonder Woman” and “Bombshells” out this month. I have to wonder what’s the reason for that—is it related to somehow clearing the deck for “Rebirth?” To boost sales? Did any issues ship late?

Scooby-Doo this month teams up with the Captain Marvel family, or “Shazam” as they’re going by in the solicitation. Again, I wonder what Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. are called if Cap is now “Shazam” (in New 52-land/DC marketing)?

On the trade paperback side, there’s several reprints of old stories/series, including 80s crossover “Legends,” the short-lived “Prez” series from the 70s (about an 18-year-old President of the United States), and the Vertigo series “Sandman Mystery Theatre.” I used to buy “Sandman Mystery Theatre” back in its day.

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