Anthony’s DC Comics picks for September 2015

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Updated on December 10, 2021

The start of fall’s comic solicitations are now here, so here’s a look at what’s of interest from DC Comics for September 2015. A full list of solicitations is available here.


  • DC Comics Bombshells #2, on sale Sept. 2, $4
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #14, on sale Sept. 16, $4 (digital first)
  • Bizarro #4 (of 6), on sale Sept. 2, $3
  • Bat-Mite #4 (of 6), on sale Sept. 2, $3
  • Batman ’66 #27, on sale Sept. 23, $3 (digital first)
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #12, on sale Sept. 23, $3
  • Astro City #27, on sale Sept. 23, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • Convergence (HC), on sale Oct. 7, $30
  • Convergence: Zero Hour Book One, on sale Oct. 7, $20
  • Convergence: Zero Hour Book Two, on sale Oct. 7, $20
  • Convergence: Crisis Book One, on sale Oct. 14, $20
  • Convergence: Crisis Book Two, on sale Oct. 14, $20
  • Convergence: Flashpoint Book One, on sale Oct. 21, $20
  • Convergence: Flashpoint Book Two, on sale Oct. 21, $20
  • Convergence: Infinite Earths Book One, on sale Oct. 28, $20
  • Convergence: Infinite Earths Book Two, on sale Oct. 28, $20
  • Catwoman: A Celebration of 75 Years (HC), on sale Nov. 18, $40
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, vol. 2, on sale Oct. 14, $15
  • Astro City: Lovers Quarrel (HC), on sale Nov. 18, $25
  • Astro City: Private Lives, on sale Oct. 7, $17


*Whew*… yes, there’s a lot above, I know.

The variant cover theme this month is Green Lantern’s 75th anniversary. Some of said covers even feature mock turtleneck-less pre-New 52 costumes, plus Alan Scott (the actual 75th anniversary guy), John Stewart, normal-looking Superman and Wonder Woman, etc.

“DC Comics Bombshells” I gather is taking a cue from “Superman: Red Son” and giving us a Russian Supergirl?

“Scooby-Doo Team-Up” sees the gang meet Harley Quinn (in her usual pre-New 52 costume) and Poison Ivy. Over in “Batman ’66,” Batman’s meeting a “1966” version of Bane.

“Catwoman” is getting a 75th anniversary hardcover volume in November, just in time for the holidays. Also in time for gift-buying season, “Sensation Comics” is getting a second trade.

“Convergence” is finally being released in trade form in October, with lots of choices. No omnibus edition (yet), however. At $20 a volume, plus $30 for a hardcover of the core series itself, you might be better off catching up on all of “Convergence” via your local public library, unless you’ve got $190(!) to spend. Hopefully someday, DC will release a comic reading service similar to Marvel Unlimited, which like the library would make reading such events much easier (and cheaper).

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