Anthony’s DC Comics picks for June 2013

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Updated on March 19, 2023

Here’s what’s of interest from DC Comics for June 2013. Full solicitations are available here.


  • Adventures of Superman #2, on sale June 26 (digital first), $4
  • Astro City #1, on sale June 5, $4

Trade paperbacks

  • Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents Superman Team-Ups, vol. 2, on sale July 17, $20
  • Superman: Phantom Zone, on sale July 17, $15
  • Camelot 3000, on sale July 24, $20


  • MAD Presents: Superman #1, on sale June 12, $5


June 2013 represents a historical milestone for DC Comics, as it’s the 75th anniversary of Superman’s debut in “Action Comics” #1 in 1938. It’s also the month the new “Man of Steel” movie opens, and thus there’s a lot of Superman related stuff out this month. Said stuff includes the next “DC Comics Presents” Showcase volume, and (of all things) a compilation of the four-issue “Phantom Zone” miniseries from the early 80s. Said “Phantom Zone” compilation also includes a copy of “DC Comics Presents” #97, which was both the final issue of that title’s run and one of (if not the) last in-continuity Superman stories of the pre-Crisis era. Given General Zod is a Zoner, I can see why this one’s being offered.

Also on sale this month is “Adventures of Superman” #2, which I’m pleased to note is now Orson Scott Card-free.

MAD magazine also gets into the Superman-cash-in game, with a compilation of some of its Superman parodies.

In non-Superman news, a new version of “Astro City” starts its run this month, with Kurt Busiek back at the helm. I’ve missed a few previous installments, but I’m interested in this one.

1980s miniseries “Camelot 3000” is also being re-released as a trade paperback this month.

“Batman: Li’l Gotham” sounds a bit late (a Valentine’s Day story?), but it seems to be one of the few kid-friendly titles being offered by DC. Though hope some curious kid doesn’t look over at the New 52 side to see what happened to Damien…

“Looney Tunes” comes out with issue #213 this month. It’s now the highest-cover-numbered comic being published by DC currently.

Finally, I like the cover for “Scooby-Doo” #34.

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