Anthony’s DC Comics picks for January 2013

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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Action Comics #16Here’s what’s of interest from DC Comics for the new year, January 2013.


  • Action Comics #16, on sale Jan. 9, $4
  • Superman Family Adventures #9, on sale Jan. 30, $3

Trade Paperbacks

  • Impulse, volume 1: Runs In the Family, on sale Feb. 27, $20
  • Superman vs. Shazam!, on sale Feb. 20, $20


This month’s “Showcase” volume is another Sgt. Rock collection.

Unless I’m mistaken, I’m guessing the villain in this month’s “Action” is the guy “Super-Obama” of Earth-23 faced off against?

Trades of interest this month include “Impulse,” reprinting the early issues in his comic’s run, and “Superman vs. Shazam,” featuring reprints of their pre-Crisis Bronze Age meetings from “DC Comics Presents” and an issue of “All-New Collector’s Edition.” One question, however: why isn’t “Impulse” #7 included in the trade paperback collection (based on the solicitation description)?

An omnibus collection of the “Death of Superman” storyline (and its follow-ups) is being published this month. It’s all yours for $100.


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