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Anthony’s DC Comics picks for August 2013

Batman '66 #2Here’s what’s of interest from DC Comics for August 2013. Full solicitations are available here.


  • Adventures of Superman #4, on sale Aug. 28, $4 (digital-first)
  • Batman ’66 #2, on sale Aug. 21, $4 (digital-first)
  • Batman: Li’l Gotham #5, on sale Aug. 14, $3 (digital-first)

Trade paperbacks



More cancellations coming this month, including “Threshold” (so much for the new and “improved” “Captain K’Rot“) and long-time DC title “Legion of Super-Heroes.” I guess being set 1000 years in the future makes it difficult to have forced crossovers with the present-day DCU, and/or it’s hard to forcibly tie it into one of the 876 Bat-titles…

In more interesting areas (read: not the “New 52”), the digital-first weekly titles continue to roll along unabated with their paper versions, compiling several digital issues at a time. “Batman ’66” sees the appearance of classic TV show villain King Tut, as well as a “1966”-ized version of Killer Croc. I assume we’ll surely be seeing a “1966” version of Harley Quinn before long.

No “Showcase” volume this month, but there is a trade paperback release of the “Secret Society of Super Villains,” the classic super-villain team from their 70s run in various titles. This volume includes a reprint from “Cancelled Comic Cavalcade,” an “ashcan” black-and-white title “published” (via several dozen photocopied copies) by DC for copyright purposes. Said “title” consisted of several otherwise-unpublished black-and-white stories from titles that feel victim to the infamous “DC Implosion,” a mass cancellation of titles during the late 70s. The Secret Society consisted of various foes ranging from Star Sapphire to Gorilla Grodd.


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