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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

After some consideration, I’ve decided to add, well, advertising to the site. Specifically,’s Associate ads. To be honest, I thought trying to bring in a little extra revenue (along with the PayPal donate button) via the blog would be nice, plus seems to allow for more finite control over what type of ads are posted versus the alternative choice, Google AdSense.

I’ve posted two boxes, one for random comics choices (Amazon’s, not mine; I’ve never read “Scott Pilgrim,” which is what’s popping up for me), and the other a box with a search field that allows one to search for whatever they want, though I’ve pre-entered “Linux” to cover the other main subject of this blog, technology/open-source software. Didn’t see a good way (without adding more boxes) to cover the animation side of things, or other technology aspects such as WebOS, iPods, DVDs, etc. However, I’ll try to make use of entering a link within reviews I write of what’s being reviewed, if it’s of significance (DVDs, trade paperbacks, etc.). No, I won’t review something just for the sake of pushing such things, nor would I resort to obnoxiousness like those double-underlined links that spawn mini-popup windows based on random words in the article (I hate those…).

Feel free to make use of the features, or let me know what you think about my adding such, or even blocking the things outright (via, say, Adblock Plus in Firefox… which might make for a good blog post or article someday…).

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