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Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Yahoo WeatherYahoo!, the company that’s recently adopted a wide range of changes, ranging from buying Tumblr to changing its logo, is striving to make inroads into the mobile world. Besides their recently improved Flickr app, Yahoo’s also improved its Weather app.

The new Yahoo Weather app makes use of Flickr images to provide within the app full-screen background images, depending on one’s city/location. Among the aspects of this app:

  • A clean view and layout of weather information, including today’s high and low temperatures, hourly temperature forecasts, precipitation predictions, and a five- or ten-day forecast.
  • Sunrise and sunset information is provided, along with wind speed/direction, with slightly animated graphics.
  • A weather radar map is provided. Oddly, tapping it brings up Google Maps’ information, instead of the Weather Channel’s maps. Yahoo usually pulls its weather information from the Weather Channel.
  • Severe weather alerts are provided, along with (in the settings) switching from Imperial to metric units.
  • Widgets are provided in various sizes and functions, including a widget integrating a clock.

As nice as it is, Yahoo Weather has its downsides:

  • The information provided might be a bit too basic. More detailed data, for those that need it, will require either a different weather app or going to a weather related website.
  • The settings are buried at the bottom of a slide-out menu, below various other Yahoo functions (sports, etc.) that’re included for no clear reason, and just serve as unneeded clutter.

Overall, Yahoo Weather’s a nice, easy to use app, and should serve most users well. For those that need more detailed weather statistics, however, they may wish to consider AccuWeather or Weatherbug.

(Updated 10/5/16)

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