Amazon’s 2017 US online sales beat its rivals combined

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Updated on December 10, 2021

It’s infographic time again. This time, it’s a look at the leading online stores in terms of sales (from 2017):

Infographic: Amazon Dominates the U.S. E-Commerce Landscape | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Amazon’s huge (of course)

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s the biggest online vendor in the US. However, it’s a bit surprising at how much dominance they have in the online store space. Amazon’s US online sales last year were $52.8 billion, which eclipses the next nine online stores combined. (And yet, Amazon’s currently protesting a proposed “head tax” in Seattle that’d go toward funding the city’s services for its rising homeless population. But I digress.)

Number two is Walmart, traditionally one of the dominant brick-and-mortar big-box vendors. While Walmart’s still huge in the physical space (its total revenue is reported as $500.3 billion), it obviously recognizes having an online presence is vital. Still, despite buying and a few other changes, its online revenue is less than a third of Amazon’s.

Number three, Apple, is interesting. It’s raking in more in online revenue than major chains like Target and Best Buy? The latter’s made attempts to combat “showrooming,” or the practice of looking at stuff in a store before buying it cheaper online, by methods such as price-matching Amazon during the holidays.

Of course, Amazon’s not settling for only dominating the online space. They’re trying to expand into brick-and-mortar space (to the dismay of Walmart, Best Buy, etc.), between opening bookstores, buying Whole Foods, and so forth. There’s also their ongoing plans to open a second headquarters in another city.

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